Terms of Service

Terms of Service

GoinPosthole.com is a real estate signpost rental and installation service.  Our goal is to provide QUICK and DEPENDABLE Service to the real estate agents in the Greater Virginia Peninsula and surrounding areas.  The following are the terms and conditions to not only meet your expectations but to excel well beyond them to create a long term business relationship!

GENERAL OVERVIEW:  GoinPsthole.com builds and installs wooden real estate SignPosts at specified addresses provided by a real estate agent for the purpose of advertising that property for sale or rent.  The SignPost rental period is for 120 days or less from the date of installation, or 7 days from the date the property closes or the listing is removed.  GoinPosthole.com also provides sign panel storage and installation service at no additional fee.

ORDER COMPLETION TIME FRAME:  GoinPosthole.com goal is to have SignPosts installed within TWO business days, excluding extreme weather days, as long as an accurate and complete order is received by 3pm for our immediate Peninsula core area.  Please be aware that business days do not include weekends or Federal holidays.  However, if due to continuous bad weather we may work on Saturdays to give our customers the best possible service.

The first business day is the next business day after the install order is received.  This means that an order placed on Monday by 3pm will be completed on Tuesday or Wednesday and orders received after 3pm on Monday will be installed no later than Wednesday or Thursday.  Orders received on Friday thru Sunday will be scheduled for Monday or Tuesday of the following week.

For orders outside of our Peninsula core area there is a 3 day window.   These areas include Gloucester, South of the James River, Williamsburg, and James City County.  All other areas outside those areas.  For orders a outside of these areas such as the Southside, Mathews. New Kent, and West Point can expect a 5 day installation window.

SIGNPOST PLACEMENT:  GoinPosthole.com will install the SignPost wherever the Agent instructs us to do so, if possible.  Underground utilities and legal guidelines (which me vary by area) may affect the SignPost’s placement.

If the agent does not mark a specific location , GoinPosthole.com will place the post for the best possible visibitlity, in the judgement of our trained installers.  If the agent does not mark a specific location, and later asks for the post to be moved at the same address, GoinPosthole.com reserves the right to charge an additional “Installation Charge.”

ORDER PLACEMENT:  Agent is responsible for provideing a complete and accurate property address and is encouraged to use our MapQuest app on our online order form.  This information must be accurate and provided correctly or the order completion may be in validated and additional charges apply.

Furthermore, it is incumbent upon the Agent to know ifposts a re permissable at the installation address.  If a GoinPosthole.com installer is refused access by the Homeowner or Home Owner Assoc., a trip charge will apply.

For SignPost installation on vacant land or construction sites must have a locator marker or stake in place by the agent prior to placing the order.

GoinPosthole.com encourages agents to use our easy to use website when placing orders.  Orders being placed via Voicemail must be clearly understandable, or emails or messages through Facebook Messenger are permitted but not encouraged.

UTILITY LINES AND OTHER UNDERGOUND CABLES:  By placing as order with GoinPosthole.com, whether via the Internet, or telephone, agent accepts full responsibility for calling Miss Utility to locate and marking all underground equipment, including utility lines, cable lines, sprinkler systems and underground dog fences.  Neither GoinPosthole.com nor it’s employees accept responsibility for the damage of unmarkedunderground facilities.  Locating and marking such facilities is solely the responsibility of the homeowner or agent.

The presence of yard light (gas pr electric) or any visible electrical or telephone boxes (light green in color) indicates underground utility lines at the property.  GoimPosthole.com encourages agent s to go to our website as use the link for Miss Utility to mark these underground utilities marked BEFORE ordering a SignPost installation.  Allow two business days for Miss Utility to mark the appropriate lines.

ORDER CHANGES/CANCELLATIONS:  For changes to a pending order before 5pm the day before the post is to be installed, please call 757-868-6527 to cancel the order.  A trip charge may apply depending on the timing of the cancellation order.

SIGN PANEL INSTALLATION POLICY:  GoinPosthole.com also provides sign panel storage and installation service to the agent who request and sign up for the service.  Agent must have provided sufficient panels to GoinPosthole.com, and a panel must be in the appropriate warehousing facility at the time installation is ordered and scheduled for installation.  GoinPosthole.com does NOT guarantee that a sign panel will be installed at a property on the same day that the panel is removed from a different property.  Our installers work on a predetermined route scheduled from orders received the day before and may not be in the area the new installation is ordered.

If an agent has not placed an order for one year, their panels may be disposed of without notice.  If an agent wants their panels returned, agent is responsible for picking their panels up at the GoinPosthole.com office during normal business hours.

SIGNPOST RENTAL PERIOD AND REMOVAL:  GoinPosthole.com services are foremost a rental relationship with the agent and/or agency.

The SignPost rental period is for 120 days from the date of installation, or 7 days from the property sale closes or the listing is withdrawn from the agent or the market.

GoinPosthole.com reserves the right to remove a post, without notice, after the four month initial instillation if the post has no panel or the agent has requested an extended period rental and paid the $15 extension fee for another 120 day period.

Agents and homeowners are strickly forbidden from moving or removing the installed posts.  If the post is damaged in any way, agent/agency is responsible for up to $60 lost/damaged post charge.

When ordering a removal, agent is responsible for post being accessible for the pickup insuring the post is not locked in a garage, storage shed, etc.  If the post is not removed on the first trip, a $20 trip charge may be charged for the additional trip.

AGENT INFORMATION:  Agent is responsible for providing accurate information in the My Account/Log in Form.  If the agent switches agencies, agent is responsible for notifying GoinPosthole.com via email to INFO@GOINPOSTHOLE.COM or by completing a new My Account Set Up form with the new agency information.

If agent fails to update agency information, a SignPost installation may be completed with the wrong sign panel.  In this situation, the agent will be charged a trip charge to install the correct panel.

RESOLVING SIGNPOST ORDER ISSUES:  If there are any issues related to your SignPost installation (missing or incorrect panels or riders, or leaning /fallen SignPost) please place a service call to 757-868-6527 or emailing INFO@GOINPOSTHOLE.COM and the issue will be corrected as soon as possible.

If it appears the post is leaning due to the agent or homeowner removing and trying to reinstall the SignPost, agent will be charged a trip charge.

PAYMENT:  Agent is responsible for maintaining a valid credit card on file with GoinPosthole.com, unless the agent’s agency or group has a monthly invoicing agreement on file.  If the agent’s credit card is declined, an additional “Declined Credit Card” fee may be applied.


Lost/Damaged Post:                   $60

Declined Credit Card Fee           $25

Trip Charge                                 $20

Extended Post Rental Fee           $15

Late Payment Fee                       $10