Q. How fast is your service?

We have a two business day installation window in our greater Virginia peninsula area of Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, York County, and Gloucester Point. We anticipate most posts will be installed in one business day. Please note that this is a two business day window, and does not include weekend days (Saturday and Sunday). In our extended service area, there is a 3-5 business day installation window for Williamsburg and Gloucester. It is three days for south side (Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Chesapeake) and south of the James River bridge ( Suffolk and Isle of Wight).

Q. Do you call Miss Utility?

At this moment, we are asking that the agents call Miss Utility. Our logic behind this decision is that our area of service is so large that we are not familiar with a lot of housing communities, therefore in some cases, it would be almost impossible for us to inform Miss Utility where the post will be installed.

Q. What does your service offer?

Once the order is received and the property is located and the Miss Utility ticket number is recorded we will dispatch our installer who will upon arrival will not only install the post, but paint the post upon completed installation. The installer will hang your signs in accordance to your wishes and upon completed will text or email a picture of the installed post and signs  and will do so in a friendly and courteous manner.

No dirt will be left around the hole and the homeowner’s tard will be returned to the state it was found in. Upon notice of the property being sold our installer will remove the signs and post and will refill the hole with dirt.

Q. When can I place my order?

24 hours a day! However to get your order scheduled for the next business day, it must be places by 3 pm, orders are placed after that will be moved to the day after tomorrow. For example, if an order is placed at 6 pm on Tuesday,  the first day that it can normally be placed will be on Thursday. Note! All Friday orders are done on Monday or Tuesday. In order for us to provide you the best service, we ask that you schedule as many jobs as possible on Mondays through Wednesdays, since Thursdays and Fridays tend to be our busiest days.

Q. How long will the post remain at the listing?

Current rental period is 120 days from installation. At that point, a 15 dollar extended  post rental fee will be added for another 120 day period. GoinPosthole.com reserves the right to remove the post, if after a grace period of 7 days has passed and payment has not been made to cover the  extensions.

Q. The homeowner has an underground sprinkler system and/or electric dog fence what do I do?

Since there is no way for our signpost installers to determine where an underground sprinkler system or electric dog fence is located, the agent is required to specify an expert spot for the signpost to be located. GoinPostHole.com accepts no responsibility for damage to underground facilities. Locating and marking such facilities  are the responsibility of the homeowner and the agent.

Q. There is a lamp in the yard, should I tell Miss Utility before placing the signpost installation order?

Yes, you need to inform Miss Utility there is a lamp in the yard, and if that Camp is a gas lamp. We recommend using the Miss Utility marking services if there are any lights (gas or electric) or any other visible electrical or telephone boxes (light green in color) are in the yard.

Q. Can I get a “rush” on my signpost installation?

We do our best to meet your needs with out speedy signpost installation. However, if even faster is absolutely necessary, it may be requested to info@GoinPostHole.com or by calling (757)868-6527. If we are able to expedite the installation of your post, there is a $35 additional fee. This $35 fee also applies to Saturday installation orders.

Q. How do you decide where to place my sign?

We use different criteria: First, We do not want to damage any underground utilities, so any utility location indicators such as gas meters and transformers. Second, our installers are trained to place the best viability with the optimal “line of sight”exposure. This means that the longer the passing public can see your sign,the higher the probability they will see it. Third, placement of the post can also be influenced by the desire to avoid trees, and/or not to disturb a yard or landscape plants.

Q. I want my post installed in a specific location, How do I request an exact location?

Please mark the location where you want to post with a flag, stick, rock or other obvious object, and please tell us to install the post by the post “special instructions” section of the order placement process. We will gladly install the signpost where you or the homeowner want it to be placed, if you clearly mark the location before the installer arrives at the address.

Q. I don’t like where the post is placed, Can I have it moved?

We will install the signpost where you want it to placed, if you clearly mark the location before the installer arrives at the address. If you do not mark a location for the signpost installation, and ask for the post to be reinstalled at the same address GoinPostHole.com reserves the right to charge a “Trip Charge”  or all additional “installation charge”.

Q. I am a new agent, Can you make my sign panels for me?

GoinPostHole.com can’t but our sister company, Joey’s Sign& Letter can. Call them at (757)868-7166 or email them at signguy17@gmail.com

Q. What size sign panels should I order?

The following guidelines are provided so that you can get the right signs when you order. Panel size not wider that 30” and 18”-24” deep. Top hole spacing 19” apart. 14” apart on the bottom of the sign for additional riders. Holes top and bottom should have grommets (brass liners that make the hole stronger). The grommets nearly double the life of the sign and protect the holes from wear. We also suggest .063 gauge aluminum but ½ PVC is a cheaper alternative.

Q. How many sign panels should I store with you?

We recommend at least two panels per municipality that you have listings in, and a minimum of six if possible. If you are a big listing agent, you will obviously need more panels, we have several facilities where we store the post and panels out of the sun and weather. We can not guarantee a sign panel will be installed at a property on the day that the panel will be removed fro a different property. This is due to the fact we may have multiple installers working multiple installation areas, and the same installer may not complete both the installation and removal. Please allow at least two business days to complete a removal and two business days to do the install.

Q. Should I keep one or two of my sign panels?

Yes, we recommend keeping a couple panels in a metal frame if you are in a rushed or unique situation where a post is not a a viable option.

Q. I’m not a big listing agent so can I keep my own panels and hang them after you install the post?

The short answer is yes. We can install the post and text or email you that the post is installed and you can go hang your signs thereafter.

Payment questions

Q. How do I pay?

Most of our customers pay via our online credit card processing system. The one time charge prior to the install includes the signpost installation, the signpost rental for 4 months, and the removal of the signpost. For some agencies and groups we have a monthly invoicing agreement. If you belong to one of those agency, you can choose to pay via credit card or have the signpost rental charged to your agency of group.

Q. What additional fees do you charge? 

Lost/Damaged post- $60, Declined credit card fee- $125, and additional trip charge- $20.

Q. I can’t place an order via you website, Can I call or email an order?

Yes, you can call (757)868-6527 (leave a voice mail after hours) or email orders@GoinPostHole.com. We absolutely prefer website orders, since it offers so many advantages over phone messages.

Q. Do you install directionals? 

No we do not. We think it is best for the agent to instal these because we may not use the same route to the property and these signs often disappear quickly.